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kurtlar vadisi filistin 1080p indir kurtlar vadisi filistin 1080p indir Effect of pre-operative levobupivacaine and normal saline on post-operative migraine headache in cesarean section patients: randomized controlled double-blinded study. Preoperative subarachnoid spinal block provides a very effective analgesia during cesarean section (CS). However, it has been suggested that preoperative injection of spinal anaesthesia may induce headache due to the spread of local anaesthetic up to some cranial levels. A randomized double-blinded study was designed to evaluate this hypothesis on patients scheduled for elective CS. The study group received preoperative 0.5% levobupivacaine (4 mL) and the control group received normal saline (4 mL) given intrathecally just before the incision. Intrathecal injection of spinal anaesthesia resulted in higher VAS (visual analogue scale) score (p=0.002). There was no significant difference between the levobupivacaine and control group at the rest of the time points in recovery room. A higher percentage of patients in the levobupivacaine group expressed headache (p=0.054). Preoperative intrathecal levobupivacaine injection leads to a higher incidence of headache in the first 24 h after CS.  


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